Tasha C. Miller is a serenely introverted and karmically indifferent writer.  Fascinated with the tragic and the afflicted with the need to write about it from a young age, Tasha blames daytime soaps for supplying her with that first taste of infinite unhappiness.  Since that time Tasha has written to experience a high where all of the senses are caressed.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, and a graduate of Harvard University’s Extension School’s literature and creative writing program. Her two collections of poetry, For Black Girls Who Feel Ebony And Essence Are Not Enough, and AssOut Incoherent Thoughts and Poems of an Unemployed Black Girl, are the first two installments in her Black Girl Trilogy.  The final installment: Puss Essence: That There Black Girl Has Come Undone will probably never see the light of day says the easily distracted writer.  

Tasha’s short fiction has appeared in the anthology Longing, Lust, and Love: Black Lesbian Stories and Saints & Sinners 2011: New Fiction From the Festival.  Tasha lives in Brooklyn, New York where she is working on more short fiction and her next novel.