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In 2016, in Brooklyn, New York, Stain and Smear was brought to life from the creative mind and art work of Tasha C. Miller. Miller is a painter (she stains and smears). Her background in the arts, graphic and web design gave her the tools to make Stain and Smear a reality.

Stain and Smear is a street wear and artistic brand characterized by both dark-colored designs and bold and brightly-colored art. Tasha understands that, while a $1,000 painting, or $500 painting isn’t affordable for everyone, t-shirts and hoodies are much more accessible. And even better, the art is now made portable allowing fans of Stain and Smear to express their imagination in a new way and share art with the world.

"We wanted to sell something different, something that couldn't be easily duplicated. Traditionally artists like to use wood canvas, printed canvas, or just a blank canvas to paint on, I've decided to move some of my ideas from the canvas to tees." says Miller. Stain and Smear does not do typical "t-shirt designs" these are designs adapted from original works of art merely displayed on another canvas. And that canvas is t-shirts and hoodies.

Although many of our designs are unisex we want to give special attention to the ladies. All designs will be available for women who want a more tailored fit. We strive to create and provide quality and comfort in our wearable creative art, each collection is a statement of Tasha's passion and dedication to art. "Where we have the most fun was just trying to make a difference in other people's life. I wanted to do something to set myself apart in the creative world so I started Stain and Smear." 


Our message of spreading art, creativity and uniqueness is deeply ingrained in the Stain and Smears brand; from our designs to our color palettes. You wont see fad or 15 minutes of fame designs here. We don't jump on trends to make a quick dollar. (We have other websites for that!) No, seriously. Stain and Smears is all about that art. And we do this for the love of it.

Every person is unique and wearing Stain and Smear will set them apart, but the unifying element is that art is not dead, it is very much alive. Help us prove the world wrong! 

A t-shirt is not just another canvas. It allows people to express their creativity and personality as the move about their community and the world at large. Not everybody can buy an original piece of art, but a t-shirt is in many of our grasps. Stain and Smear's t-shirts are more than just tees, they are wearable art. And coming soon more products like leggings, dresses, scarves, skirts and canvas prints of our founders fine art.

Stain and Smear is something you want to put on your body and showcase to the world.