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With more than 20 years of experience in writing, marketing, graphic and web design and administration — I’m your go for writing high-converting sales copy.

I’ve proudly worked for and with some of the leaders in industry, among them Harvard University, Cushman and Wakefield, Goldfarb Properties, New York University and the United States Postal Service.

Phrases That Slay and Pay.

The Phrase Slayer emerged out of a passion for the hustle and the hustler. Crafting compelling copy that connects with storytelling and converts with the use of proven no fail marketing fundamentals. Selling to potential customers is akin to starting a long term relationship. Integrating truth telling and genuineness into your copy that touches on customer pain points creates lasting connections, customer engagement and pays off with high levels of sales conversions.
Hate bland or over the top copy that doesn’t connect with you and only turns you off? Me too! When we work together I will never sacrifice your company’s integrity for a quick sale.
I don’t use templates. All of your copy will sprout from a blank page. You, your company and brand are distinctive and original and your should and will reflect that when you work with the Phrase Slayer.

The Mission and I Choose to Accept It.

To spread love (it's the Brooklyn Way) via copy and connect with the world. If you are an entrepreneur or small business I want to help you grow your business, your brand and increase sales and conversions.

The Phrase Slayer Way of Life.

Phrase Slayer Way of Life. I’m passionate and stubborn. Effective work methods and fundamentals? That’s what I do. Keeping in mind what’s most important. Truth telling and being genuine. Copy that touches on customer pain points creates real connections and builds long lasting relationships.

What Makes Me Different? I’m Obsessed with the Hustle and Hustlers.

Sounds crazy right? Let me explain. Your products and services mean the world to you. I understand that. I’ll do what it takes to learn and understand what you and your business is all about so we can present your personality and voice to the world. I know you’re on a mission. I am too. And I got you!

Work With Me.

If you are a:

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*Affliate Marketer


*Agency Owners

*Course Creator

*Coach or Consultant

*Brick and Mortar

AND you understand the need for sales copy and don't want to do it. AND you want thoughtful and creative marketing campaigns, and build a huge customer base and enjoy high-conversions — I'm for you. I am committed to all of my clients, which is why I am selective about who I join forces and work with! I stand by entrepreneurs and businesses who have the same values and dedication that I have. If you feel like I'd be a great fit, please contact me.